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Leadership Memphis appreciates your support in any form. Beyond cash, checks, and credits cards other ways to give include:

  • Appreciated securities in the form of stock or mutual funds shares held for more than one year help you avoid capital gains taxes and earn a charitable tax deduction based on market value. We accept both closely held and publicly traded stock.
  • Real estate, if held for more than one year, usually provides the same tax benefits as gifts of securities.
  • Life insurance allows you to direct insurance policy proceeds to a fund at the Community Foundation. You may name the Foundation as owner and beneficiary of the policy, or you may retain ownership and name a fund at the Foundation as the primary or contingent beneficiary.
  • IRAs and other qualified retirement plans can mean substantial tax savings for your heirs if you name a charitable fund as a beneficiary of assets. You may name the charitable interests you wish to benefit from your funds and name your heirs as advisors.
  • Partnership interests such as limited liability company interests and limited partnership interests will be considered. The Community Foundation has accepted limited liability company interests and limited partnership interests.
  • Bequests establish charitable funds through your will. A bequest is simple and can be advised by your heirs.

To learn more or set up a non-cash donation to Leadership Memphis, please contact President and CEO Mr. Reggie Crenshaw at rcrenshaw@leadershipmemphis.org, or by phone at (901) 278-0016.

About Us

Leadership Memphis is the premier community leadership organization in the city. Founded in 1979, the organization has graduated more than 4,000 community leaders and continues to be a ground-breaking innovator with new programs and action initiatives that drive educational achievement, diversity and inclusivity and collective impact.

The organization’s programs develop community leaders at every level from seasoned professionals and emerging talent to front-line leaders.

Meet the Team

Reggie Crenshaw

President and CEO

Michelle Dooner

Director of Development and Engagement

Kenya Johnson

Director of Programs

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