History of Leadership Memphis

Leadership Memphis History from Prodigi Arts on Vimeo.

Founded in 1978 as the Institute for Civic and Public Responsibility, Leadership Memphis remains anchored in its original mission to build a great Memphis by building great leaders.  Today, Leadership Memphis still embodies the values outlined by its founders.  While we are always working to ensure our programs remain relevant, we are steadfast on insisting that they advance diversity and inclusivity, increase community impact, and promote civic engagement that makes a difference.

You cannot have a great city without great community leaders and since its founding, Leadership Memphis has done its part to bolster the number, as well as the Community IQ, of those leaders. Leadership Memphis alumni give of themselves in countless ways to numerous entities all year, every year.  It’s hard to place a value on that commitment to making an impact and, as we’ve learned, it’s hard to place a value on Leadership Memphis.