5 reasons to help 400 Shelby County high school students succeed

Posted by: Andrew Bartolotta at  Friday, February 20, 2015



We're in the final stage of our Expanding Horizons College & Career Tours crowdfunding campaign and now, more than ever, need your help to raise the final $25,000 of our $50,000 goal. Here are 5 reasons to donate to our campaign and help 400 Shelby County high school students prepare for their future.


1.) Opportunity

Help our future leaders succeed by giving them the chance to find a college and career that best suits their interests. According to the Seed Foundation, first-generation college students who visit several different colleges to find the right one for them, have substantial impact on the likliehood of them graduating on time and not dropping out the first year.


2.) Double the impact

Your donation is instantly matched thanks to the Turley Family Foundation. If you donate $50, your gift will reflect a $100 donation (it can't get much better than that)!


3.) Hope

44% of Shelby County School students who graduated in 2014 did not enroll in a post-secondary opportunity. That's nearly 6,000 students left behind once they graduate high school.



4.) We need to invest in the city's future leaders

Your gift goes directly to the college tours Shelby County students will be taking. This isn't a fundraiser for Leadership Memphis, it's a fundraiser for OUR future by investing in the present.


5.) In 5 years, 65% of jobs will need skilled workers with post-secondary credentials

Because our city deserves to have a passionate, skilled labor force made up of Memphians who believe in the future innovation of our great city.



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